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About ME

A Lifetime of Acting


Kennedy began her love for theater and acting at the age of four! Yes, four!

She was spotted by a local theater director at a pre-school Thanksgiving

performance and as they say, "the rest is history!" She began her career as a

lullaby league munchkin in a theater production of Wizard of Oz and quickly

moved into larger roles, such as Cindy Lou Who in The Grinch that Stole

Christmas and Molly in Annie, just to name a few.

Kennedy's parents recognized her talent and passion, and began their hunt

for a local Orlando agent, which was not a difficult task. Kennedy quickly

began booking local commercials, industrials, magazine covers, etc.

Kennedy has often been described as "an old soul." As an actor she

expresses a maturity and wisdom of someone far older. Kennedy is known in

the industry for her professional attitude on set and her incredible awareness.

She has also been described as "a natural" and one who takes direction

exceptionally well.

Kennedy has worked at a variety of venues, including the Orlando Repertory

Theater and at the Bob Carr Performing Arts Center in Orlando, Florida. She

has performed at conferences and has often times been invited to sing the

National Anthem at sporting events. Kennedy was also very successful in the

Los Angeles market, where after only four short weeks, she was cast in the hit

TV show, Criminal Minds.

When Kennedy's not on stage or performing behind the camera, Kennedy

loves to spend time with her family, friends, read, swim, and most of all, sing!